Character Reference

Red fox. Generally purple with a few markings.

  • Typical red fox markings, except with shades of purple
  • Blue stripe down the spine to the tip of the tail
  • Light purple eyes
  • Blue pawpads

Wears a blueberry collar with gold accents.

Perhaps around 5'10", but not fixed.

I quite like the recent trend of lighter shades of purple, the icon at the top is my favorite colors so far. I also tend to love bright, vibrant colors. I’m really not picky, and love seeing what artists envision :3

Foxes do have slitted pupils, which I prefer if it works in the artists' style.

No specific shades are expected to be used, artists are encouraged to use whatever fits best with their style and the theme of the work.

Penis is canine in style including sheath, about 7" long, and blue. Typically extremely submissive, although a dominant side does surface infrequently. Quite often seen locked in a chastity device.

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