2020-09-29 · 4 mins

@FoxBot is a Telegram bot designed to make sharing artwork easier. It has lots of features designed for inline, private, group, and channel use. The primary goal is to make sure it’s easier to give the artist the credit they deserve than not.

For essentially all features, it supports FurAffinity, e621, Twitter, Weasyl, Inkbunny, Mastodon (any instance), and direct links.

Inline Mode

Inline mode was the original feature of FoxBot. It allows you to use it in any group or channel without having it be a member.

Typing “@FoxBot” into a Telegram chat, then selecting the first inline response

When using this inline search, it provides a direct link to the image and a link to the artist’s page. If a direct link to an image on FA or e621 is posted, it will convert the link back into the original submission. Images on unknown sites are reverse image searched to determine the original source.

You can request the inclusion of the image’s title and artist by including #info with your URL. You can also include tags by using #tags with your URL.

The bot can also convert WebM videos to formats supported by Telegram.

Private Mode

If you’re looking for the source of an image, all you have to do is forward or paste the image to the bot. Within a few seconds, you’ll get a reply with where the image may have come from.

Pasting an image into a Telegram chat with “@FoxBot”

In the unfortunate case that the source can’t be found, you have the option to get a notification if it is found sometime in the future. Clicking the ‘Notify Me’ button will send you up to one message if the source is ever located.

Group Mode

This mode makes the bot exceptionally useful in groups. By default, adding it to a group gives it no access to your messages.

Screenshot of Telegram chat members list showing FoxBot has no access to messages

To use it, reply to any photo posted in the group with the /source command.

Replying to a message in a Telegram chat with /source@FoxBot with source links for the image

There is also the /mirror command to get the images from posted links. This works with any number of links in the message.

Replying to a message in a Telegram chat with /mirror@FoxBot with a copy of the image from the previous link

If the bot has delete permissions in the chat, it will delete the the /source or /mirror command and reply directly to the message it is interacting with.

You can also enable automatically sourcing all images posted within a group. This can only be enabled by a group administrator and the bot must also be given administrative permissions, although all permissions can be disabled. Once you’re ready, just run the /groupsource command and you’ll get a confirmation it has been enabled.

Running /groupsource in a Telegram chat, getting a confirmation message, pasting an image, and getting an automatic reply with image sources

It can automatically detect links in the original post and will ignore the post if the source was already included.

Channel Mode

Lastly, you can add the bot to your Telegram channel and it will update all of the posts to include a source. Adding it to your channel will automatically enable this feature.

It only needs permission to edit messages.

Pasting an image into a Telegram channel, waiting, and seeing a “Source” button appear on the post

More Details

It’s possible to sign into your Twitter account to have all of these access features from your locked account. Just use the /twitter command in a private chat with the bot.

All of the reverse image search features are powered by FuzzySearch, another one of my projects. It provides an API to implement reverse searching in other projects.

Command Reference

/sourceReverse image search the image in the message being replied to.
/mirrorLook at all URLs in this message or the message being replied to, download the images, and post them.
/altsTry to find alternate versions of an image. This also finds other people who have posted the image.
/twitterAuthenticate your Twitter account to get your content from a locked account.
/settingsSome options for the bot, such as preferred ordering of sites in source results.
/groupsourceAutomatically try to find sources for every image posted in a group that doesn’t already have a source.
/grouppreviewsHide link previews for sources posted in the group.
/groupalbumsToggle between displaying album sources in group or by generating a URL to all sources.

Artwork Used

Of course, here’s attribution for the artwork used in the above examples.